Реклама: Jeep 4x4ever

Краща реклама за останні 12 місяців.
Звук, відео, драйв, смак, хруст...
Мені дійсно захотілось бути ТАМ і бути ТАКИМ.

Не втримався і витягнув пісню.
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4 by 4 by land 
4 by 4 by sea 
4 by 4 by air 'cause they like to fly free 
4 by 4 a.m., that's when I rise 
Sneak up on the landscape, catch it by surprise 
For my country how it all started out 
For the brave in every Boy Scout 
For the fun of it 'cause you know you can 
4 by 4 more air, more sea, more land 
4 by 4 doin' it yourself 'cause you want it done right 
4 by 4, top down, stars keep you up at night 
4 stones that were meant to be turned 
For the dares and the thrills that you earned 
4 by 4 conquest 
4 by 4 dreams  
4 by 4 waking up and crossing those streams 
4 by 4 every one of 'em for 75 years 
4 by 4 that's the way that's how we say cheers 
That's how we live 
4 by 4 ever


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